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Valérie Mazy

Valérie Mazy

Valérie Mazy has a law degree with distinction from Brussels university (1987).
She is a lawyer at the French section of the Brussels Bar since December 1990.
She practices essentially family law in its financial aspects (child support, alimonies, division of marital property and inheritance,…) and non financial ( parental authority, custody, parentage, adoption) taking into account its national and international aspects; she also practices lease and joint ownership law.
She is also active as administrator of estates and persons.
Since 2011 she assists and advises mentally handicapped people who are under forced supervision or who are subject of a claim for judicial protection.
She is active as mediator in family matters since 2011; is recognized by the Federal Commission of Mediation and has been especially trained in reasoned mediation.
She has participated in the project of assistance in family mediation at the Francophone Court of 1st instance of Brussels, family Court from 2012 to 2017.
She has been appointed by the Francophone Bar Council of Brussels as a teacher in civil proceedings for the CAPA (Certificate of Professional competence for lawyers) and teaches since September 2016.
Languages spoken : French, Dutch
T.+ 32 2 648 30 22 - 32 2 538 36 20
F.+ 32 2 538 36 63