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Law of foreign subjects

The M13 practice includes several renowned specialists in the law of foreign subjects, with many years’ experience in the field. Several associates are members of the joint committee on foreign subjects of the Order of Barristers of the Brussels Bar and have actively participated in different government campaigns of regularisation.
The service offered by the practice concerns all aspects of the subject, in particular:
  • exile,
  • short- and long-stay visas,
  • status of foreign students,
  • family consolidation,
  • regularisation (requests based on articles 9 bis and 9 ter of the law),
  • nationality,
  • foreign work,
  • international privacy law,
  • detention of foreign nationals with a view to their extradition.
Our involvement in this field is extremely varied: preliminary advice, negotiations with the administration, introduction and follow-up of requests and appeals with the authorities and administrative jurisdictions (Office of foreign subjects, General Commission for refugees and stateless persons, Agency of litigation for foreigner subjects, Council of State, regional authorities, etc.) and judiciaries (request for release in the council chamber, appeal in the Court of First Instance in cases of nationality, summary proceedings, etc..).