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For more than 10 years, the M13 practice has been providing its clients – consisting of private individuals, institutions (public and private services) and business enterprises – with a wide range of services in areas as diverse as civil law (patrimonial and family) commercial law, administrative law, liability law, penal law, the law of foreign subjects and social law.
The firm offers services of advice, negotiation and litigation in judiciary courts and tribunes, administrative jurisdictions and numerous federal administrative authorities – both federated and local – with the single objective of preventing or resolving conflicts by adopting the most suitable strategy (negotiated or litigation) for defending the interests of its clients.
The lawyers of the practice have each developed their own areas of specialisation and always share their respective competencies when necessary.
With the aid of staff members selected for their rigour and competence, backed up by a professional administrative team, they are able to guarantee constant availability and attentiveness to their clients, who are always kept informed of the development of their cases, at every step.