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Lawyers’ fees are generally calculated in function of the time dedicated to their services.
The hourly rate is determined at the start of proceedings based on the following criteria: the experience of the lawyer who is consulted, the type of service required, the complexity of the case, the degree of urgency, the importance of the outcome, and the financial means of the client.
Various costs and expenses – such as secretarial costs and fees for bailiffs, registration, experts and other operating and travel costs – are added to the basic fee.
When agreed with the client, fees may be increased by a success fee linked to the result obtained.
In certain special cases, fees may be forfeited.
In function of the development of the case, intermediate statements of fees and costs are regularly presented to the client summarizing the services already provided, and may be accompanied by a request for payment.
When the case is completed and closed, a final account statement is prepared.
Since 1st January 2014, lawyers’ services are subject to VAT at the rate of 21%.